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New dc brake equipment protection by PETER electronic: The VersiBrake Safe offers maximum control and safety for gentle standstill

PETER electronic is now offering the latest generation of its brake for three-phase asynchronous motors, which have been tried and tested many times in different operating environments: the VersiBrake Safe brake unit ensures on the one hand that motors in the efficiency classes IE1 to IE3 (IE4 in preparation) are gently and safely braked with low wear. On the other hand, the latest model also features comprehensive safety functions – hence the suffix “Safe” – whereby the brake unit is particularly suitable for drive motors which have to be reliably shut down for reasons of safety or economic viability. Not least, the compact dc brake equipment protection by PETER electronic includes motor temperature monitoring and thermal equipment protection – additional safety which forms the exception to the rule in this equipment class.

Increased operating safety thanks to the dc brake equipment protection and further safety functions.

VersiBrake Safe has been designed so that the braking process for three-phase motors is precisely controlled and optimised. The brake unit reliably monitors all performance and also safety-relevant device values for the motors so that the components are ideally protected during the run-out phase and maximum operating safety is guaranteed. Here in particular the pertinent specifications or European DIN standards (such as the DIN EN 12750:2013) for the safety of woodworking machines have been fulfilled. The safety functions include, for example, the prevention of an inadvertent, malfunction-related start-up, the monitoring of controlled shutdowns, the activation of the (guard) door lock or also the external standstill monitoring with intelligent standstill detection.

One of the advantages of VersiBrake Safe applications is not least that an additional brake contactor is rendered superfluous: thanks to the locking contact, it is not possible to switch on the motor contactor during the braking phase. A regulated direct current is fed into the motor, which generates a stationary field - and therefore a braking torque. An integrated evaluation circuit detects that the motor is at a standstill. The braking current is then switched off and the standstill is emitted externally via a monitored, positively-driven relay contact.

The dc brake VersiBrake Safe with motor temperature monitoring detects very different malfunctions. All malfunctions which no longer permit safe motor operation lead to a switch-on lock and are simultaneously emitted via the monitored, positively-driven relay contact “device malfunction”. Device parameters and messages can be interchanged using a superordinate control system via a CAN interface with CANopen protocol. In this way, the VersiBrake Safe can be perfectly integrated into different device environments – and everything remains under control.

Effective equipment protection against overload

The safety functions predestine the new VersiBrake Safe dc brake with motor temperature control for applications in woodworking machines such as milling machines, planes, saws, brushes and grinding machines. The VersiBrake Safe is also able to reliably brake other machines in industrial and building services, for example screening machines, centrifuges, vibrators or fans. As already presented in the equipment combination with soft starter and brake unit – the VersiComb II Safe Series – PETER electronic is now also integrating a thermal overload protection into its new VersiBrake Safe direct current brake: in this way the dc brake equipment protection is equipped with sensors for motor temperature monitoring and the creation of a thermal device image. Thanks to the equipment protection, heat sinks and interior device temperatures are also monitored. These safety functions together with the motor temperature monitoring guarantee increased safety for equipment and operating environments. A motor temperature switch, a motor PTC, a motor KTY84 or a PT1000 can be connected.

Brake unit with intelligent on-board functions

In addition to equipment protection functions, the CAN interfaces facilitate further communication adjustments and individual adaptations for controlled braking. The smart on-board functions for example ensure that VersiBrake Safe controls the electrical data of the connected motors and aligns the optimum braking time or the required braking current of the direct current brake.

Overview of important features:

The devices in the VersiBrake Safe series are electrical operating equipment for use in industrial high-voltage systems. They have been designed for use in machines for the braking of flywheel masses on drives with three-phase motors in the efficiency classes IE1, IE2 to IE3 (IE4 in preparation). VersiBrake Safe is designed for asynchronous motors with motor rated outputs from 7.5 to 90 KW or 72 to 360A rated device current. A total of two housing sizes.

The preferred areas of application are:

  • Sawing
  • Mixers
  • Thicknesser
  • Meat mincers
  • Edge presses

The devices fulfil, amongst other things, the DIN EN 12750:2013 (Safety of woodworking machines) and are equipped for the following functions:

  • Prevention of an inadvertent, function-related start-up
  • Monitored, controlled shutdown
  • Activation of door locks
  • External standstill monitoring
  • Start-up detection

Further properties:

  • Microcontroller-controlled
  • 6x rated motor current adjustable
  • 4 different brake mode adjustable
  • Intelligent monitoring and control functions
  • dc brake equipment protection automatically optimises the braking process
  • Maximum protection of the mechanisms and drive components
  • Integrated bypass relay
  • Direct current brake with controlled thyristor bridge
  • Contactor: integrated brake contactor
  • Protection class IP 20
  • CAN interfaces
  • User-friendly thanks to clearly-structured and simple menu structure
  • Efficient and fast commissioning through self-optimising braking process
  • Support of the energy efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3

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