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VersiComb II Safe combines a soft starter with an electronic direct-current braking device for woodworking machines and other applications

With VersiComb II Safe, PETER electronic presents an impressive two-for-one package from its VersiComb product series that has perfectly mastered two disciplines: gentle energy-efficient startup and smooth, safe braking of asynchronous motors in efficiency classes IE1 through IE3. In particular, in addition to the gentle starting torque to protect the components, the soft starter and braking device combination focuses on safety at the outlet of the connected motors. Thanks to its characteristics and compact housing, the VersiComb II Safe is perfect for use with all processing machines, especially woodworking machines such as saws, milling cutters, planers, brushes and grinders. In addition, the combination of soft starter and braking device is suitable for other systems such as compactors, ventilators, sieving machines and centrifuges.
The relatively cost-effective soft starter and braking device for three-phase motors offers several benefits compared to direct startup and star-delta startup. This not only creates a shock-free torque increase without jolts to the mechanical components as well as reduced current spikes, but also allows for smooth braking that can be adjusted individually using the braking device. The motor is monitored during both the startup and braking process, and is always precisely controlled – until the desired nominal speed is reached during startup and the motor has come to a controlled standstill during shutdown.


Perfect for woodworking machines

This cost-effective device combination is especially designed for OEMs of woodworking machines and other processing equipment that wish to optimize their machines at a limited additional cost. Whether it is for retrofitting or initial equipping, the VersiComb II Safe can be installed in a control cabinet in a space-saving way. Especially in machines with a high inertial mass, the VersiComb II Safe’s braking device prevents continued running, for instance of saw blades. That allows braking times to be precisely established and kept to a minimum. A shorter braking time improves safety for machine operators along with productivity.

Soft starter and braking device with intelligent controls

VersiComb II Safe is equipped with serial CAN interfaces with a CANopen protocol, which make it simple to integrate into existing machines. These interfaces allow equipment parameters and notifications to be read out and exchanged with an overarching control system. In order to achieve ideal startup performance, a CAN bus can be used to customize startup parameters with a voltage ramp. The plant-defined startup, current limit and boost can also be parameterized for specific customers. Thanks to intelligent on-board functions, VersiComb II Safe controls the electrical data for the connected motor and uses it to coordinate the optimal startup and braking time as well as the necessary braking current.

An overview of the important characteristics

VersiComb II Safe is designed for asynchronous motors with ratings from 5 to 30 KW or 12 to 60 A of rated device current. The soft starter and braking device combination is now available in two housing sizes and 5 models. The devices meet the requirements of DIN EN 12750:2013 (Safety of woodworking machines) and are equipped with the following features:

  • Preventing unintentional, faulty startup
  • Monitored, controlled shutdown
  • Activating the door locks
  • External standstill monitoring / intelligent standstill recognition
  • Startup identification

Other characteristics:

  • Microcontroller-operated
  • Two-phase-controlled soft starter unit
  • Intelligent monitoring and controlling functions
  • Braking device automatically optimizes the braking process
  • Maximum protection for mechanical elements and drive components
  • Built-in bypass relay
  • Reduced starting current peaks
  • Braking device with controlled thyristor bridge
  • Built-in brake contactor
  • Protection class IP 20
  • CAN interfaces
  • Supports energy efficiency classes IE1, IE2 and IE3

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