The new soft starter series VersiStart p II/III with smart card for more control have set new standards and have replaced the soft starter series VersiStart i II/III

With the new VersiStart p II and VersiStart p III series, PETER electronic presents once again the consistent further development of its successful soft starter product portfolio and sets new standards: The soft starter VersiStart p II/III product family is characterised at its core by the product... more


VersiDrive IE3/3E3 - Energy-saving speed control frequency converter with optional frequency monitoring unit for the secure control of electric motors

PETER electronic is extending its product series VersiDrive i... E3/3E3 newly introduced in mid 2016, by further accessory-equipment versions which structures the employment of the compact and high-performance frequency converters even more flexibly. As well as more than 30 accessory-equipment... more


VersiComb II Safe combines a soft starter with an electronic direct-current braking device for woodworking machines and other applications

With VersiComb II Safe, PETER electronic presents an impressive two-for-one package from its VersiComb product series that has perfectly mastered two disciplines: gentle energy-efficient startup and smooth, safe braking of asynchronous motors in efficiency classes IE1 through IE3. In particular, in... more

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