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VersiDrive i E3/3E3 - Energy-saving speed control frequency converter with optional frequency monitoring unit for the secure control of electric motors

PETER electronic is extending its product series VersiDrive i E3/3E3 newly introduced in mid 2016, by further accessory-equipment versions which structures the employment of the compact and high-performance frequency converters even more flexibly. As well as more than 30 accessory-equipment versions for the speed control frequency converters which are available for the power range from 0.37 to 22 kW, and in this case in the device protection classes IP20 and IP66, an especially compact model now extends the product family. By means of the Coldplate implementation, the FUS CMP 2 is designed space-saving and, as a result of its adaptable user interface, is predestined for customised OEM applications.

In addition, with VersiSafe Speed, PETER electronic presents a frequency monitoring unit which can be used as an extension to the VersiDrive i E3/3E3 frequency converter and thus enables an especially safe sensor-free drive monitoring.

VersiSafe Speed - Frequency monitoring unit with extensive safety functions

Users of the VersiDrive i E3/3E3 have now the possibility to equip their frequency converter speed control in order to realise an efficient and economical solution for safe sensor-free drive monitoring simply and flexibly. The VersiSafe Speed frequency monitoring unit can be combined with the VersiDrive frequency converter as an additional protective device, so that, as well as the monitoring of the output frequency, additional safety functions can be realised by electric drives with the control. Included here: The safe switch-off of the torque (STO: Safe Torque Off). The energy supply to the drive is interrupted. The motor is switched off uncontrolled. After switch-off, no torque can be generated. The safe limiting of the speed (SLS: Safety Limited Speed), or also a safe operating stop (SOS: Safe Operating Stop). In addition, the SSR function (Safe Speed Range) provides control so that the motor speed remains within set-defined limit values. If the stipulated window area is left, the frequency monitoring unit safely switches off the motor. Regardless of whether monitoring functions, delay times or frequency limits: With the aid of the operating panel with illuminated LCD display, all parameters can be adjusted conveniently on the device, also without PC. Typical fields of application are for example the safe frequency converter speed control of electric motors for industrial plants, pumps and extract fans or also machines for wood processing, wind power plants or crane systems.

Frequency converter with versatile, precise control of electric motors

Generally, the product series VersiDrive i E3/3E3 and E3S, with or without additional frequency monitoring unit (Versi Safe Speed), thanks to the many accessory equipment versions, is suitable for a large majority of all elec. motor applications. A great number of motor types are supported, such as induction motors, permanent-magnet motors, brushless DC motors and synchronous reluctance motors. A precise, demand-driven, speed control is achieved in each case and in this way a protective, energy-efficient operation of the electric motors is realised.

According to requirement and implementation, the compact, rugged and reliable frequency converters can be mounted in the switchgear cabinet or, thanks to dust-proof and splash-proof housing protection class IP66, also directly on the machine. In particular, the new FUS CMP 2 (compact converter) allows a simple integration into OEM systems.
Two compact device sizes of the FUS CMP 2 are available to the user (compact converter). With the installation in the switchgear cabinet, the Coldplate rests on the mounting plate so that the heat of the FUS CMP 2 is removed. Not least the frequency converter also manages in the mini-format without display, because alternatively an external keypad or a PC can be connected in case of the FUS CMP 2 in order to carry out all parameterisations and adjustments for the exact motor control and monitoring.

The VersiDrive i E3/3E3 product family from PETER electronic, as well as the FUS CMP 2, in spite of low capital expenditure, are equipped with diverse communication options in order to regulate the speed control and rotation speed monitoring exactly and conveniently. An example of this is in the important on-board functions which, over Modbus RTU or CANopen, enable communication with other machines, as well as simple integration into existing systems (OEM).

Important features in overview

The new VersiSafe Speed frequency monitoring unit, which can be combined as an additional protective device with the VersiDrive frequency converters for monitoring the output frequency, is characterised in particular by the following product properties:

  • Compact device with 45 mm installation width
  • Direct connection to frequency converter / motor
  • User-friendly frontal display for convenient, menu-driven parameterisation, as well as for setpoint and actual-value indication in Hz
  • Simple, timesaving operational start-up without PC
  • Suitable for frequencies up to 700Hz (maximum adjustable frequency limit 600 Hz)
  • Monitoring of the output frequency of frequency converters
  • Flexible employment through mode selection during operation (dynamically-controlled applications)
  • Muting function
  • Simple employment, retrofitting and extension for security applications to PL e, Cat 4, SIL 3
  • Sensor-free
  • Extensive diagnostic functions
  • Flexible monitoring: adjustable frequency window or over-frequency / under-frequency

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