Combined Motor Start and Braking Device MINISTART B [1,5 - 5,5kW]

MINISTART B [1,5 - 5,5kW]

Combined Motor Start and Braking Device

MINISTART B [1,5 - 5,5kW]


  • soft start - braking
  • 4 separately adjustable parmeters  
    starting torque, acceleration time,  
    braking current, braking time
  • potential-free input for soft start or soft stop
    - control voltage 10 ... 30VDC
  • potential-free output for fault indication
  • potential-free output for operational status
    - loadable with 250V/8A each
    - closed from the beginning of the start until the end of braking
  • temperature monitoring
  • phase-failure monitoring during ramp-up


  • three-phase controlled soft starter
  • DC braking with one-way rectification
  • easy mounting, also for retrofitting into existing plants
  • terminal arrangements suitable for switchgear connection
  • for snap-mounting an 35mm standard rail
  • integrated bypass relay
  • extensive monitoring functions
  • robust metal housing
  • no mains neutral conductor (N) required
  • special voltages up to 600V
  • functional acceleration current reduction
  • degree of protection IP 20


Typical applications:

wood working machinery
drives with large rotating masses

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