Soft starter VersiStart i III [23 - 220A]

VersiStart i III [23 - 220A]

Soft starter

VersiStart i III [23 - 220A]

Function Soft starter:

  • Emergency run
  • Forward or reverse jog direction.
  • remote control inputs
    (3x fixed, 1x programmable)
  • Relay outputs
    (3x programmable)
  • 24VDC output
  • Analog output
  • divers Soft Start/Stop control types
  • units with 690V upon request 

Properties Soft starter:

  • three-phase controlled digital-soft starter (7,5-800kW)
  • integrated Bypass up to 110kW (up to 500kW by end of 2011)
  • current and torque reduction during acceleration
  • Comprehensive and customizable motor protection
  • DC Braking - Contactorless
  • Display graphical LCD - Real time graphs of motor operating performance
  • Inside Delta (6-wire) connection
  • degree of protection: IP20 (up to 100A), IP00 (from 140A up)
  • motor PTC connection

Options Soft starter:

Control Software 
DeviceNet module (29000.25903)
Modbus module (29000.25904)
Profibus module (29000.25905)
USB module (29000.25910)
Finger protection (from 145A up to 220A, 29000.25909)

Typical Applications:

presses, conveying systems
drives with high-inertia starting
machines with gear units, belt or chain drives

Order Soft starter VersiStart i III [23 - 220A] online

Order number Product Price Amount Cart Test device
2S000.50023 VS i III 525-23 C1 741,00€ order request
2S000.50043 VS i III 525-43 C1 805,00€ order request
2S000.50053 VS i III 525-53 C1 838,00€ order request
2S000.50076 VS i III 525-76 C1 1.042,00€ order request
2S000.50105 VS i III 525-105 C1 1.304,00€ order request
2S000.50145 VS i III 525-145 C1 1.438,00€ order request
2S000.50170 VS i III 525-170 C1 1.737,00€ order request
2S000.50220 VS i III 525-220 C1 1.924,00€ order request
2S001.50023 VS i III 525-23 C2 741,00€ order request
2S001.50043 VS i III 525-43 C2 805,00€ order request
2S001.50053 VS i III 525-53 C2 838,00€ order request
2S001.50076 VS i III 525-76 C2 1.042,00€ order request
2S001.50105 VS i III 525-105 C2 1.304,00€ order request
2S001.50145 VS i III 525-145 C2 1.438,00€ order request
2S001.50170 VS i III 525-170 C2 1.737,00€ order request
2S001.50220 VS i III 525-220 C2 1.924,00€ order request

Accessories Softstarter order

Order number Accessories Price Amount Cart
29000.25903 DeviceNet module 181,00€ order
29000.25904 Modbus module 144,00€ order
29000.25905 Profibus module 227,00€ order
29000.25910 US module 144,00€ order
29000.25909 Finger protection 187,00€ order

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