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The C2 series: 3 phase ac drive with powerful functions and high efficiency

Peter Electronic's VersiDrive i C2 series of 3 phase ac drives offer the most efficient solution for all kinds of drive applications. With a 3-phase mains supply of 230 V, the ac drives cover a power range of 0.75 up to 90 kW, and with a 3-phase mains supply of 460 V, the range is 0.75 up to 450 kW. The devices provide high-precision control of speed, torque, and position for synchronous and asynchronous motors – with and without pulse generator. High flexibility coupled with compatibility are ensured by future-oriented properties such as modular design, fast response, 4-quadrant torque control with limiting, PLC functionality, fast data exchange, CANopen master/slave extension, and two RJ45 communication ports. Slots for optionally available pulse generator cards, I/O extension cards, relay cards, external 24 V supply, and communication cards complement the wide range of functions.

Numerous integral functions reduce costs and outlay

Pre-configured macros for special industrial applications can be called directly, thereby saving time and costs during engineering. For example, macros are available for compressors, fans, pumps, and AC equipment – of course, specific adaptations of individual parameters to the project are still possible. However, these adaptations stand in no relation to the expense of a completely new configuration. Thanks to its design, the VersiDrive i C2 ac drive provides excellent adaptation to peripheral equipment. This includes the integral DC link choke for suppressing harmonics, an activatable internal EMC filter, standard-compliant coating of the circuit boards, galvanic isolation of the drives’ electronic components from the cooling system for reduced heat generation, and certifications in accordance with all conventional standards.

Another bonus feature is the operator safety provided by the integral STO (safe torque-off) function, so that the expense for connecting additional switchgear of external safety devices is eliminated. Similarly, Peter Electronic ensures outstanding protection against mechanical damage of the drives. This is achieved by recuperating the braking energy, which slows the motor down to a stop in case of a power failure. Should the mains supply return during the braking procedure, the motor is accelerated back to its nominal speed.

Fast connection to networks

The VersiDrive i C2 series ac drives can be controlled and monitored conveniently via many different networks. Optional cards are available for the most important networks and transmission protocols such as Modbus®/RTU, Modbus®/TCP, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet®, and EtherNet/IP. Up to 8 slaves can be controlled via the CANopen master function. Modbus communication is supported as standard via the RJ45 ports.

Convenient platform for drive system management

Peter Electronic also provides a software package for downloading, which serves for fast commissioning, parameter adjustment, monitoring during normal operation – e.g. with a real-time oscilloscope – and trend curves etc., thereby offering the user a comprehensive operating platform for simple control and monitoring via a PC.

A removable LCD keypad is available directly on the ac drive. It comes with a real-time clock, its operation is simple and intuitive, and it also provides various changing and monitoring functions. For example, the "copy" function permits parameter settings to be saved in the operating unit for convenient transfer to another ac drive. Other features include hot-plug capability as well as the IP66 protection against the ingress of dust and water. If the ac drive is installed in a control cabinet, the operating unit can be mounted conveniently in the cabinet door from outside, and connected to the ac drive via a cable, thereby ensuring that everything is always in sight.

Incomparable drive precision, fast speed control, simple commissioning, and utmost flexibility are the main features of the VersiDrive i C2 series of 3 phase ac drives from Peter Electronic. Together with fast response, the special control properties guarantee reliable and precise operation in countless applications.

Overview of important features:

  • Field-oriented control
  • Safety switch-off according to IEC 61508 SIL2
  • Automatic energy-saving function
  • High starting torque up to 200 % with feedback
  • dEB (deceleration energy backup)
  • Modular design for simple maintenance and extensions
  • Integral PLC functionality (10.000 steps)
  • Sensorless vector control
  • Integral braking chopper
  • On-board EMC filter
  • CANopen integrated (master and slave function)
  • 150 % overload for 60 s (heavy duty)
  • Built-in PID control
  • Integral RS 485 Modbus interface
  • Other field bus options such as Profibus, EtherNet/IP, Modbus®/RTU, Modbus®/TCP
  • Simple positioning function

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