DC brake UMBRUCHVersiBrake L (LP)UMBRUCH [6 - 30A]

VersiBrake L (LP) [6 - 30A]

DC brake

VersiBrake L (LP) [6 - 30A]

Function DC brake:

  • start braking via detection of motor voltage and via motor contactor (double safety)
  • overload protection
  • braking current cutoff after motor standstill
  • braking current control
  • automatic remanence time optimization
  • braking current infinitely adjustable 10-100%
  • potential-free output for motor contactor interlocking during braking;
    also usable to energize the star contactor during braking
  • standstill threshold adjustable, individual adaptable to different motor types

Properties DC brake:

  • DC braking with one-way rectification
  • suitable for all asynchronous motors and for mono phase motors
  • controlled by microcontroller
  • easy mounting, also for retrofitting into existing plants
  • wear-resistant and maintenance-free
  • integrated braking contactor
  • printed circuit-board version with fault signaling contact
  • for snap-on mounting onto 35mm DIN rail
  • degree of protection: case version IP 20, printed circuit-board version (LP) IP 00
  • meets trade assoc. requirements for PL = b, acc. to DIN EN ISO 13849-1



Typical applications:

sawing machines
wood working machines
textile machines
conveying systems

Order DC brake VersiBrake L (LP) [6 - 30A] online

Order number Product Price Amount Cart Test device
2B000.23006 VB 230-6L 230,00€ order request
2B000.23025 VB 230-25L 230,00€ order request
2B000.23030 VB 230-30L 323,00€ order request
2B000.40006 VB 400-6L 230,00€ order request
2B000.40025 VB 400-25L 230,00€ order request
2B000.40030 VB 400-30L 323,00€ order request
2B100.23006 VB 230-6L LP 181,00€ order request
2B100.23025 VB 230-25L LP 181,00€ order request
2B100.23030 VB 230-30L LP 255,00€ order request
2B100.40006 VB 400-6L LP 181,00€ order request
2B100.40025 VB 400-25L LP 181,00€ order request
2B100.40030 VB 400-30L LP 255,00€ order request

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