3. DC brakes

The systems VersiBrake and VersiComb meet the requirements of the German Trade Association (Technical Committee for Wood) according to the Test Principles Wood working machines GS-HO-01. The VersiComb and the VersiBrake.L (LP)devices are certified with the BG quality mark. Upon request this is also possible for further versions.

Our standard - your advantage

Braking devices enable low-wear and reliable braking of your machines and plants.

With electronic DC brakes made by PETER electronic, you can reduce routine maintenance costs and extend the life of your equipment. The integrated standstill detection function of the DC brake "VersiBrake" enables reduction of the deceleration time and thus increases the safety of your equipment. Our service personnel will be pleased to be at your disposal via Email at: mail@peter-electronic.com. Rely on our competence and many years of experience. We will be happy to develop an individual solution for you, too. All braking systems sold by PETER electronic are "made in Germany".


Our braking devices can be used for these applications: wood-working machines e.g. panel-sizing saws, band saws, moulding and planing machines, butt reducers, conveyor systems with long coast-down times, centrifuges, vibration screening machines, vibrating conveyor systems, welding and plastering machines, machines for the meat-processing industry, stone-working machines, metal-working machines, plastics processing machines